Gerry Sorensen Way to be Repaved

The road to the Kimberley Ski Hill is about to get a whole lot smoother! Gerry Sorensen Way repaving project will be funded by Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund up to $4.5 Million, which should be more than enough to reconstruct from the downtown core up past the tunnel to Timberstone and Northstar Developments.

The full reconstruction and repaving of Gerry Sorensen Way from the bottom to up past the ski bridge should be completed by September of this year.

City of Kimberley would be liable for project overruns if the project goes over $4.5 million, but Mayor Don McCormick says that $4.5 million is more than enough.

This has been a priority issue for Mayor Don McCormick, as it is the highest profile road in Kimberley as should reflect that. There are an estimated 800,000 vehicle trips on Gerry Sorensen Way each year.

“Good roads create a positive impression of the community, and are a visible indication to taxpayers that their tax money is being well spent,” McCormick said. “Virtually every visitor that comes to Kimberley drives Gerry Sorensen Way, as does the majority of residents on a regular basis. Our highest profile road needs to be one of our best. We are thrilled to be able to do the work this year.

“But the tourist aspect is only one thing. This isn’t just for tourists. Our local residents use the road a lot. It’s equally important to provide improved roads for residents.”

The project is currently out for tender, with the work beginning in May and finish in September 2016.